Music Sunday

What is Music Sunday?

Next Music Sunday: 16 June 2019

Music Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for the role of music in the life of the church, and the way in which music can draw people together.

We are encouraging members and non-members, organisations and individuals, to put on events that will both highlight the work of the RSCM and raise money. As an organisation you will be able to retain up to 50% of the funds raised.

You will find here ideas and resources to help you with your event planning and publicity. You can also register your event and see what else is happening around the country.

If you wish to support Music Sunday but are unable to organise an event, why not look to see what is happening near you or make a donation?

How to get involved

  • • Commit to joining Music Sunday & spread the word
  • • Plan your event & register it with us (see below)
  • • Publicise your event widely and creatively. Why not use the downloadable publicity resources below
  • • Enjoy!
  • • Send us 50% of the proceeds if you are an organisation, 100% if you are an individual
  • • Share your story with us and your community

Music spreads joy, something in short supply in our national life at the moment. Music brings a sense of togetherness and harmony (ditto). This year’s Music Sunday is more important than ever. Let’s make our churches a focus of everything that unites us as humans, turning neighbours into friends. Your event could make a difference!” John Rutter FRSCM

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